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is the only product of its kind to combine 8 servings of organic fruit and vegetables in a moist, tasty and satisfying nutritional bar. Enzyme active, the vegetables are processed at low temperatures to preserve and retain the living enzymes, nutrients and minerals. Low fat, high in fiber, no added sugar, gluten free, celiac and diabetic friendly. Fit smart eating into your busy schedule with ReBAR!

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Strawberry Apple Pie
Strawberries are high in antioxidants and phenols, making them a heart protective, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory fruit, all in one little berry!
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Rebar Nutritional Supplement

ReBAR is the only product of its kind to combine organic vegetables and fruits in a moist, tasty, and satisfying nutritional bar, with a familiar texture as soft fruit leather.

Just think, the next time you eat a ReBAR you're getting a bar packed with 20 varieties of ORGANIC vegetables and fruits, that's two cups of fruits and two cups of raw vegetables in every bar!

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Francine's Finest Super Bars and Protein Bars are made from all natural, whole foods. Raw energy and protein that is gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian.

Every single ingredient is carefully selected to maximize health benefits and deliciousness. Your taste buds will approve and your body will thank you.

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Perfect 10 Natural Energy bars are a combination of only 10 ingredients, with no added fillers, preservatives, sugars, sweeteners or honey. With a tasty combination of just fruits, nuts and seeds, each bar is naturally, a Perfect 10!

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Elevate Me did it! They created a wholesome protein bar made with the king of proteins, whey protein isolate. Quality dried fruit and almonds combined with 18 grams of protein to make a wonderful treat.

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